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• Smart Apps

Automated documents

• Artificial intelligence

• Rules and actions


The construction kit for intelligent design via browser
Design and orchestrate your application landscape with browser and MS Word – without any programming. The magic words are lowcode and AI.

With the intelligent designer from the toolbox, departments, service providers or your IT design centrally managed Secupad apps, forms and documents code-free and without programming.

Smart Apps and Forms
  • Each order type has its own order template, which you design from texts, dates, checkboxes, photos, signatures, tables and explanations, as well as formulas and control elements. Captured data is given a variable name (markup) that is used as a placeholder in the automated documents. We also call job templates “apps”.

Automated documents

  • Design outputs of all kinds with Microsoft Word document templates. Markups are used to transfer data and facts from apps and forms. Use special placeholders to transfer data from app tables.

Artificial intelligence

  • Collect data and facts in (AI) text fields. Submit AI queries stored in natural language with the (AI) text field content to Open AI. Get AI answers in 40 languages that you can use as content for smart documents.

Rules and actions

  • Send smart documents with mail text as well as docx, pdf and csv attachments. Design workflows and actions depending on rules that also use the contents of jobs and job templates. Archive data in files and folders. Fill digital interfaces to third party systems.
🛒 Toolbox package: Designer, Workplace, Center, Admin, any number of apps, annual subscription, limited purchase option