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audits & inspections

Test engineering systems

The first version of the LowCode Application Platform was developed with and for TÜV. Used so far in Germany and EU, North/South America, South Africa, Middle East.

field service

Biogas plants

Our customer is a Europe-wide manufacturer and operator of biogas plants with locations in Germany, France, the UK and IT. With apps, processes in the area of service and warehouse are digitalized.

digitally supported consulting

Consulting Healthcare

Our customer’s advisors help people in need of care and their relatives with app support for care applications in accordance with the Social Code for German health insurance companies. Project with Telekom M.

modern mobility

Leasing for vehicles

Our client is a leading provider of passenger cars in subscription with approximately 16,000 vehicles in its inventory. These are evaluated annually by renowned evaluation organizations.

energy supply

Digital services

Our client is the service company of a regional provider in the field of energy and water with innovative transmission and data networks, IOT-supported value-added services and EVU-focused app platform.

construction industry

Mobile control and documentation

In the BMBF project “Athene 4.0”, Fraunhofer IML, cobago and partners worked together with craftsmen to develop a digital order management system for construction and crafts. The BMBF project “Minerva” continues this activity.

IT & telecommunications

Service Apps aus der Cloud