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Web Apps, Server, Database
Organize services, inspections, audits, and on-site sales with company apps and custom documents
The Secupad platform contains all the modules you need to launch, run and control previously created or purchased custom apps and jobs on tablet computers, notebooks, desktops and smartphones.
Workplace: work control, data acquisition, documentation
  • The roster is your directory for jobs from the team that you have created yourself and assigned to you.
  • For each order type there is a separate app, designed in the designer from texts, dates, checkboxes, photos, signatures, tables and explanations, as well as formulas and controls for show/hide, mandatory fields and more
  • Your data collected on site is transferred to the engine at the touch of a button, where it is processed into documents, reports, invoices, bills of services and more.
  • The list of completed orders serves as a separate archive and individual work record.

Center: Disposition, Coordination, QA

  • In the center, orders are created for the team, prepared in terms of content, assigned and scheduled.
  • After processing, there is quality assurance, post-processing, delivery to customers and workflow control.
  • The filing cabinet is the archive for completed orders, grouped by customer, date or other criteria.
  • Customer management is the directory of companies and contacts whose data you need in orders.

Configuration Manager: operational customization

  • Through Configuration Manager, your administrator organizes and orchestrates the system’s organizations – teams, groups, departments, sites, clients – in-house or in the cloud, in one or multiple instances.
  • Users, roles and authorizations ensure targeted access to the system and data protection for personal orders.
  • With banners, logos, shapes and colors, the gives your Secupad a distinctive company-specific look.
  • With banners, logos, shapes and colors, the gives your Secupad a distinctive company-specific look.
🛒 Packages from 10 named users, suitable for any number of apps and organizations, annual subscription, limited purchase option