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• Create smart documents

• Design legacy facts perfectly

• Distribute results intelligently





Transform legacy facts and results into sophisticated documents through Smart Rendering and distribute them to customers, partners, and employees.


Use facts from your legacy software as input for self-designed even sophisticated Word documents.
Mail, distribute or archive PDF, DOCX and CSV. Send messages and alerts.

Prepare, render and distribute legacy outputs
  • You use SAP, classic software for CRM, ERP, industry software and/or in-house developments?
    You want sophisticated, appealing and flexible output design and distribution for these systems?
  • Legacy software data and facts are imported via interfaces and provided together with markups.
  • Formulas, AI evaluations and markups are added as needed via the Toolbox Designer.
  • The markups are used in MS-Word to design the output.
  • Rules define the distribution of outputs via mail, to messaging platforms and via interfaces to third-party systems.

🛒 Toolbox extension: volume price according to number of processed orders. Minimum volume, annual subscription, prepaid token