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Smart Apps – Flexible Forms – Automated Documents

Simplify, accelerate and digitize

Service, inspection and order management
with artificial intelligence and without programming

Custom specialized applications and perfect output in days instead of months

Service, inspections, order management

Secupad is the flexible digital solution for structured work and documentation in centrally organized and distributed teams at

  • Service management in telecommunications, energy industry, modern mobility, customer care, facility management, logistics, real estate, construction industry
  • Inspections, audits or certifications by our own specialists, TÜV organizations and experts
  • Order Management in sales and customer service,
    Offer management in (sustainable) purchasing

From now on, save time and effort on inefficient notes and multiple data recording. Ensure complete documentation in text and images, timely billing, binding signatures, legally compliant archiving, transparency and accurate time recording.

Code-free information technology –
with artificial intelligence and without programming

With Secupad you’ll be on the cutting edge right away.
Use custom apps, forms, and automated documents previously created by your own professionals via building blocks, with Nocode and no programming. Built-in artificial intelligence delivers decision-making information and analytics on top. Paperwork and email floods are finally a thing of the past.

Digitize now. Step by step. Do it yourself or comfortably and conveniently with our support. Up to 10x faster than ever before. Naturally DSGVO compliant and secure. Sustainable. In the cloud or in your data center.

Apps, Forms, Documents

Custom applications, flexible forms, and automated even sophisticated documents make your day-to-day work easier.

Modular system

 With “Nocode” you design your digital working environment yourself. AI summarizes facts together, texts, evaluates and translates.


Individual add-ons and interfaces ensure seamless integration into your IT infrastructure.