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Tablet computers, notebooks, convertibles, desktops and smartphones. Online or offline.


With responsive web apps, you can find all Secupad features on all devices. Native apps bring the offline workplace to tablets and smartphones, today for Android, soon for Windows.


  • Web apps work via browser on all major operating systems and devices. Secupad is officially released for Chrome and MS Edge. It is also possible to use Firefox and Safari. Web apps are automatically distributed along with the jobs.
  • The advantage: Web apps are immediately and automatically up to date without synchronization.
    To note: Internet connection (best VPN) required, the central server is shared.

Native Apps – Android and Windows

  • Custom Secupad apps also “piggyback” on native so-called “launcher apps”.
  • Known from the Android environment and soon available for MS Windows, APK-based launcher apps offer the advantage of synchronization and offline capability. The APKs can be updated at a time freely chosen by the customer to ensure controlled version control of the core system.
  • Android-based hardware is available on the market in great variety, also in rugged and explosion-proof form.


  • Apps in the Apple Appstore are subject to frequent changes in the respective software base shaped by the manufacturer Apple and require intensive, continuous maintenance. Native launcher apps for Apple for IOS / Ipad OS we therefore offer only in larger projects.

🛒 Web Apps run without a launcher in the Secupad Engine. Native launcher apps are extensions for an existing Secupad platform that can be downloaded from Playstore and Appstore for free.

🛒 Connectors to Secupad Engine are available in annual subscription, Apple on request.